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Author & Animal Lover

Writing is a dream, a passion, and a huge pain in my side.

But, it is so incredibly rewarding when my final works are done. I love when my own stories excite me and when I’m excited about others reading them too. If there’s anything I want to do, it’s to bring joy and a bit of escapism to others.

My dog Koa and my cat Keeva, along with my lovingly missed dog Ruka, inspire me every day. The way they see and experience the world in which we live, inspires me to dream up and express what I can only describe as fun, chaotic, and innocent adventures.

Photo of Kathryn, Koa and Keeva

My writing involves...

many hours, days, weeks, months of...

and, of course,

When I finally have my own book in my hands, it’s all worth it.

I’m excited for you to READ!

To enjoy, to laugh, and to be inspired yourself.

I want to bring smiles to faces, to both kids and adults alike, and to give you even more reasons to love your furry friends.

Though I’m just getting started … keep checking back. There will be far, far more to come.

Dog Park & Dog Daycare

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Koa & Keeva

Meet Koa

Life is good when you’re a little doodle.

As a devoted pup with an abundance of love to give, it’s surprising Koa hasn’t yet sprained her tail with all of her happy wig wags. She prefers back scratches and belly rubs with not one hand but two, that you throw her ball as far as you can during games of fetch (but not too far because she might need a little help to look for it), and if you have something good to eat, that you share a little bit with her. Cheese, ice cream, chimken and puppacinos are among her favorites, but as a culinary expert, she’s always up for trying new things.

Meet Keeva

Keeva made her splish splash into this world by moving into a home with a dog and a self-proclaimed dog person. She enjoys reminding them both just what cats are all about; that responding to one’s name is a choice, that the day should begin at 6:00 am and that countertops are really catwalks.

Keeva really has fit right in though. She enjoys joining in on daily strolls from the safety and comfort of her own cat sized backpack, afternoon naps in the sun, taunting Koa, playing with her favorite leather shoelace and she’s even mastered a few tricks (and might even show up Koa every now and again).

My cat Keeva

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