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Dog Daycare

The Exciting Sequel to 'Dog Park'

Gibson loves going to dog daycare and has her whole fun day planned out. Games, a grooming appointment, and meeting the two newest arrivals to show around and become friends with…what could be better!?

What Gibson didn’t plan for was the new arrivals being two mischievous cats, Misty and Shadow. The cats clearly don’t like dogs and have come up with a plan to take over the dog daycare. Despite Gibson’s best efforts to become their friend, Misty and Shadow will stop at nothing to get the dogs in trouble. If they can make the humans see dogs don’t deserve a dog daycare, they will have the daycare all to themselves, just like they planned.

While the cats plot against Gibson and her friends, more unwanted visitors show up with their own sneaky plan. Can Gibson save the dog daycare…or will it be too late?

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Picture of Kathryn Kazoleas

Kathryn Kazoleas

Kathryn is a Canadian author. She has written the middle grade chapter books Dog Park and Dog Daycare, and has many more books swirling around in her imagination just waiting to be written. She lives with her dog Koa and her cat Keeva who work as her copy editors and expert distractors.

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