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The Rain Collector

The magic was only ever found in only a very small fraction of the rain drops that fell from the sky. And once you spotted it, you had to be quick in collecting it, before it evaporated back into the air.

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The Painter

People just found her. Because things started to happen to those who bought her paintings. Good things.

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Mischievous Clem

Clem was the flower shop’s resident clementine tree. Kate’s grandmother had gotten her as a little sapling, and over the years she had grown to be quite the conversation piece in the shop.

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When Time Slowed…And Sped Up Again

A local community newsletter caught Abigail’s eye, as did the feature article exploring the myth of a hidden time warp that was believed to have been buried under a specific house on a specific street in Windsong centuries ago when the town was first built.

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Tails of a Used Sewing Machine

In the sewing room itself, Ivy was sleeping beside the machine, her paws covered in small pieces of thread. This was curious to Beatrice but she had always heard that cats could be mischievous.

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The Open Door

“How did you get in here?” Lilian asked casually, gently placing the glass down on the counter and rustling through the fridge for some milk.

“You let me in,” the fox replied. She pawed the side of the fridge. “I’d really like some milk though, please. It’s hot outside already.”

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Chicken Soup for the Soul

Contribution to Chicken Soup for the Soul

I think most bookshelves will have had a Chicken Soup for the Soul book on them at one point. I loved the books growing up and often received the dog-themed ones as gifts. So, how cool is it that one of my stories is in the Fall 2021 Chicken Soup book titled My Hilarious, Heroic, Human Dog!

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