Tails of a Used Sewing Machine

In the sewing room itself, Ivy was sleeping beside the machine, her paws covered in small pieces of thread. This was curious to Beatrice but she had always heard that cats could be mischievous.

Beatrice had always wanted to learn to sew, so when she stumbled on the nearly new sewing machine at a garage sale, she was quick to hand over $50. She didn’t even try to haggle down the price, one of her favorite past times of purchasing items second hand. The price was a steal already. When the lady who sold her the machine told her it came with a cat, Beatrice thought she was joking. She thought she was joking that is, until a little cat followed her to her car and hopped inside, curled up on the seat and started snoring before she had even loaded up the machine. The cat wore a rhinestone collar and a single silver tag with the name Ivy engraved on it.

With the machine now set up in her dedicated sewing room, Beatrice was surprised to see that Ivy had dragged her bed (the pair had stopped at a pet supply store on the way home), into the room as well. Ivy refused to stray far from the machine, watching it closely unless it was time to eat.

The following morning, Beatrice woke up to a pair of pants and two of her shirts, strewn about in her hallway. They formed a perfect trail that lead to the new sewing room. In the sewing room itself, Ivy was sleeping beside the machine, her paws covered in small pieces of thread. This was curious to Beatrice but she had always heard that cats could be mischievous. She didn’t put too much more thought into this and just gently picked the pieces of thread off of Ivy’s paws, and picked up her clothing, putting it back in her closet. This however, became a daily morning ritual. What also became a morning ritual was squeezing into her clothes, the ones that fit her only recently.

Beatrice ended up buying and returning three new bathroom scales when they all consistently gave her the same weight reading. She was eating healthy, exercising as she always did, so what could possibly be happening? She brought in a dryer repair-person and when that didn’t solve the problem, she started to hang all of her clothes to dry instead. When that too didn’t work, she finally went out and bought some new clothes.

Ivy left her sewing machine and watched Beatrice closely as she hung each of her new clothing items in her closet. The small cat’s gaze darted between Beatrice and the new items and once they were all hung up, when Beatrice left her closet, Ivy stayed behind.

The following morning, Beatrice wasn’t surprised to see her new pants in the hallway. Nor was she surprised to see Ivy sleeping on the sewing machine, small pieces of blue thread, stuck to her white paws. The fact that the thread was the exact shade of blue that her new pants were, didn’t even cross her mind. When Beatrice had to squeeze into her pants though, she shrieked. What could possibly be happening? Ivy woke up to the commotion, poking her little head into Beatrice’s room. Beatrice saw the cat’s yellow eyes staring curiously at her, and it was then that she realized that this strange problem with her shrinking clothes hadn’t happened before she brought Ivy, and the sewing machine home. Ivy came with the sewing machine. The lady who sold it to her made that clear. Ivy couldn’t have something to do with this, could she?

As quickly as the thought entered Beatrice’s mind was as quickly as she pushed it out. It was ridiculous to think Ivy and the sewing machine had something to do with her shrinking clothes, wasn’t it? The messy clothes, the pieces of thread everywhere. No, it was not ridiculous to think Ivy was responsible. It was more than ridiculous. Still though, Beatrice decided to drink three cups of coffee at 10 :00 that night.

At 12:30 am, Beatrice could hear Ivy snoring. At 2:30 am, she was still snoring. Her eyes were starting to grow heavy so she drank another cup of coffee.

At 3:30, she realized that she was being silly for believing a cat could be responsible for altering her clothes in the night. But then, she heard a gentle thud. And then, tiny footsteps. And then, Ivy crept down the hallway, peered into Beatrice’s bedroom and quietly walked into her closet. There was another soft thud and Beatrice, through her squinted eyes (she was trying to be subtle, after all), saw Ivy drag a pair of pants down the hall, and into the sewing room. A small little light went on followed by the sound of a soft, tiny sewing machine motor. Beatrice tip-toed down the hall. Just as she was about to sneak into the sewing room, she stubbed her toe on the wall, letting out a loud yelp.

The light went off, the sewing machine motor stopped. Beatrice still jumped into the sewing room, hopeful that she’d be able to catch Ivy in the act. Instead, the small cat was already curled up in her bed, small pieces of red thread on her white paws. The shade of red perfectly matched the red pants that lay tucked under the presser foot of the sewing machine.

Beatrice was going to take her pants back to her room but decided to leave them in the sewing machine. What good would taking them back do at this point? The following afternoon when she finally woke up after her caffeine induced night awake, her pants this time, were folded up neatly and beside the sewing machine. Ivy sat up by the machine, prim and proper, leaning in for a little head scratch. Beatrice still however, had to squeeze into her pants.

Image Credit: Mariana/Adobe Stock


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Kathryn is a Canadian author. She has written the middle grade chapter books Dog Park and Dog Daycare, and has many more books swirling around in her imagination just waiting to be written. She lives with her dog Koa and her cat Keeva who work as her copy editors and expert distractors.

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