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What drama could possibly take place at a dog daycare? Someone eats all the cookies? Pees on the floor? Shreds the toys?
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Years ago, when Ruka ran away from her leash at dog daycare pick up, and instead, ran a lap around the empty play room, I knew it would have to be a book. It was almost like she was showing off, showing me around, proudly, as if it was all hers. How though, could I write an entire book based on a victory lap through an empty room?

I had no idea.

What drama could possibly take place at a dog daycare? Someone eats all the cookies? Pees on the floor? Shreds the toys?

I loved watching the dynamics of Ruka and Koa at their daycare. There were little packs that were formed, dogs who preferred to sleep in the corner or on the humans’ laps, dogs who played tug of war together, and dogs who just preferred to go outside and sun themselves. It was a proud day when I picked them up and I was told my shy little Koa made her first daycare friend…a little pug. She chooses well. They’re very cute.

Dog daycare really is a world of its own. So…certainly I could find a way to make it a book of its own. It was only natural that Gibson’s story would continue in Dog Daycare, and I wanted her new adventure to be just as exciting as it was in Dog Park. I wanted her readers to see how her growth from her experience at the dog park prepared her for what was waiting for her at dog daycare.

If there’s one thing we know about Gibson, it’s that things don’t go the way she plans. Having said that, she finds her way, and comes out stronger for it.

Dog daycare is another adventure filled chapter book aimed at children ages 7-12. It’s got a strong vocabulary so may be more suitable for older kids, or for younger kids looking for more of a reading challenge. That’s not to say any dog lover could enjoy it, even if it was read to them. 

Paper copies are available on Amazon, while digital copies are available through most online retailers.

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Kathryn Kazoleas

Kathryn is a Canadian author. She has written the middle grade chapter books Dog Park and Dog Daycare, and has many more books swirling around in her imagination just waiting to be written. She lives with her dog Koa and her cat Keeva who work as her copy editors and expert distractors.

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